Which one relates to how you fell??
Adrenals and cortisol function - why our cortisol fluctuations impact how we feel!

Adrenal glands secrete cortisol in response to feedback given on a 'stress trigger', it’s the mediator, cortisol comes in to settle and return the body back to a calm state or as near possible to balance. Great for life threatening stressors! However, our 'stress triggers' that we are running from are now modern every day issues, causing fluctuations in our cortisol response.
Take a look at each cortisol response below (which relates to the images above) and pick out which one you think you are running on....
  • Baseline/Normal Cortisol: Spikes in the morning to wake us up, and gradually declines throughout the day until we sleep at night and melatonin kicks in. We sleep and then start this cycle all over again. 👌
  • Acute Stress: Quick sharp constant spikes of cortisol throughout the day, leading to prolonged states of high cortisol, nervous on edge energy all day and often a more restless sleep. 😫 
  • Hyper reactive: Pre-wired, chronic stress state – Chronic stress leading to a resistance to cortisol release, so continual secretion without ever really coming down. Tired but wired, you’re worn out to the point of exhaustion but can't get a good sleep. 🥴
  • Conservation Mode: Low-grade inflammation, triggering constant trickle release for low levels of cortisol. Waking with pain and going away throughout the day, crave sugars and caffeine to get going and is a big one seen in shift workers and new mums.😨
  • Hypo-Reactive: Feeling fatigued, can sleep anytime anywhere, excessive tiredness – low levels of cortisol, and high levels of serotonin.