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Creatine fuels intense weight training and endurance activities to push harder, go faster, and recover quicker. In the process, it stimulates lean muscle mass, acts as a support system to prevent against muscle breakdown, and aids in muscle recovery. Creature® is a blend of five top quality types of creatine.


Creature® is designed to work with the entire beast supplement lineup. This team of products is ready to help anybody who is serious about getting big, being strong, keeping fit and staying healthy.


What's inside this Creature?

Creatine monohydrate for increasing (ATP) energy and strength output.

Creatine magnesium chelate has been reported to improve endurance during workout.


Creatine alpha-ketoglutarate is present to transfer more creatine directly into the muscle cells and this results in a higher intramuscular creatine concentration.


Creatine anhydrous for greater muscular volume, protein synthesis, energy boosting and fighting fatigue.


Vanadium citrate promotes low blood sugar and assists in maximal uptake into the muscle.


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