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Alpha Male Stack - ATP Science


For Men

The Alpha Male Stack will have you leading the pack in hours. Including the top range for men from the ATP Science range - Alpha PrimeAlpha MarsPrototype 8 and T432 - this stack is perfect for men looking to lose stubborn fat and build more lean muscle. Designed especially to control androgen levels, avoid estrogen dominance, retain nutrients key for building muscle and maintain a healthy metabolism, this stack will help provide the perfect environment for your body for workouts and for every day life.


Alpha Prime

Alpha Prime by ATP Science is the perfect androgen supplement catered to the needs of modern men. Testosterone levels are prone to fluctuation and generally decline for men as they age with factors such as diet, stress and exercise playing major roles. Sustaining youthful levels of testosterone as one ages is becoming harder and harder and can have major impacts on body shape and metabolism. Which is why ATP Science has created Alpha Prime - specifically catered to help men increase lean muscle mass and sustain healthy fat loss through increasing androgen levels.


Alpha Mars

Alpha Mars by ATP Science has been designed for males to naturally enhance levels of testosterone in order to help build lean muscle mass. In this day and age being able to maintain testosterone levels high enough for long enough in order to produce a significant anabolic effect can be quite hard. Therefore, Alpha Mars uses natural based ingredients to help increase normal levels of testosterone in the body in order to help prevent muscle loss.


Prototype 8 (100ml)

Prototype 8 by ATP Science is a transdermal cream designed to improve muscle recovery post workout. The cream works to dilate blood vessels in the tissue and under the skin, improving innervation to recovering muscles and allowing more efficient and healthier healing.




T432 by AATP Science is the master superfood metabolic aid you've been waiting for. Combining traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and South American medicinal ingredients, T432 is a mix of critical superfoods supplemented with Zinc, Selenium and Iodine to maintain a healthy and functioning metabolism. Creating the ideal hormone profile, T432 ensures your body is metabolising the calories you consume in a day and ensuring your body shape doesn't fluctuate drastically.


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