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Clean Gainer by Rivalus - Muscle and Weight Enhancing Protein!


Clean Gainer by Rivalus - now stocked at SBG SUPPLIES - is a cleaner alternative to mass gain. Many athletes looking to build serious mass are often left asking themselves, "How am I supposed to eat this much in a day?!" and resort to eating cheap junk food packed with dirty calories. Does it work? Sure it does, but is it good for your health? Probably not. Rivalus have developed alternative. Packed with 560 calories per serving from 4 premium protein sources and clean carbohydrate sources, Clean Gainer is a Genesis approved mass builder.


Clean Gainer by RivalUs


Key Factors:

Whole food gainer

Increase lean mass

Promote faster recovery

Clean carbohydrate blend

Low sugar


Our thoughts:

The team at SBG SUPPLIES are firm believers in clean eating. If you're going to build yourself a house, don't start with dodgy foundations. Clean Gainer by Rivalus is a fantastic mass gainer that's built to last. Drawing its 560 calories per serve from 30g of protein (WPI, WPC, MPI & Casein), 90g of carbohydrates (Glucose Polymers (Maltodextrin), Fructose, Organic Quinoa, Blueberry Powder, Ginger Powder, Monk fruit, Organic Rice Bran, Oat Fiber) and 7g of fat, this gainer comes in staple flavours - Chocolate and Vanilla - so you can get creative with how you take it. We're big fans of a high calorie shake.




SBG SUPPLIES recommends, that you mix 14 oz of water with 2 full scoops and consume in the morning and after workout. On non-training days, mix 14 oz of water with 2 full scoops and consume between meals. 


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