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Complx5 by RivalUs - Non-Stim Pre Workout!


Complx5 is a relatively new, non-stim pre workout which has its roots in Canada. Now stocked at SBG SUPPLIES and loaded with 5 powerful pre workout ingredients - arginine, beta alanine, micronized bi-carbonate, tyrosine and natural red ginseng - Complx5 by RivalUs is a sure way to dropkick your workout to new heights. Increase your endurance, increase your strength and reduce the burn - all without caffeine! Perfect for those looking for a non-stim workout, or for athletes sensitive to caffeine.


Key Factors:

Stimulant free

Increase energy

Promote faster recovery

Enhanced strength

5-blend pre workout matrix


Our thoughts:

The team at SBG SUPPLIES are always on the lookout for exciting new pre-workout formulas that can help us achieve maximum results from a workout. Complx5 by RivalUs is a unique, non-stim pre workout which ditches the caffeine in favour of a proprietary 5-way compound blend. This product comes in a range of flavours - and they're not too bad! We're used to a lot of pre workouts tasting pretty foul, but we found the Orange flavour in particular was quite pleasant.




SBG SUPPLIES Australia recommends, as a dietary supplement, to take 1 scoop in 200-300ml of cold water or added to your favourite pre workout 20-30 mins prior to training.


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