Electrolyte Anti-Nausea Tub 300g by PURE SPORTS NUTRITION

Pure Sports Nutrition
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Pure Anti-Nausea Hydration has been formulated to deliver superior hydration, replace energy and calm your stomach during nausea dehydration and sickness. Its hypotonic formulation has been scientifically designed to be absorbed faster than plain water, hydrating you quicker.


PURE Clean Hydration Drink


Each 42g of PURE makes 750ml of electrolyte clean hydration drink, when mixed with water

Pure Anti-Nausea Hydration is a natural electrolyte hydration drink made with New Zealand lemons and ginger. It will help replace lost fluids, energy and electrolytes during vomiting and other symptoms of nausea. The combination of real lemons and ginger help soothe your stomach to combat nausea.

• Lemon & ginger to relieve nausea, soothe your stomach & support good circulation.

• Superior hydration compared to plain water.

• Amazing, easy to drink real fruit taste.

• 100% real Ben Yen lemons & ginger.

• Gentle on your stomach – no artificial flavours or colours.

• Premium quality electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) to keep your body balanced and help replace lost electrolytes

• Easily absorbed simple carbohydrates essential to help maintain energy levels.

• Gluten free

• Preservatives free

• Colours & flavours free


Pure Anti Nausea Hydration is designed to relieve symptoms associated with nausea, dehydration and vomiting.


If symptoms persist, see your health care professional.


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