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#01 – GUTRIGHT: Get your GUTRIGHT first. Your gut will control your appetite, digestion, creation and absorption of nutrients. It is your first line of defence and the home of your immune system; the main passage for detoxification and elimination of toxins and waste. The gut is the home of your microbiome and your second brain and it is via the gut that we are capable of achieving health. GUTRIGHT is a MODBIOTIC ™ that works by controlling your microbiome and all aspects of gut health.

#02 – MULTIFOOD +: is plant based water and fat soluble nutrients. By standardising plant matter to yield specific amounts of vitamins it is possible to supply all of the activated forms along with their cofactors naturally.

#03 – coming soon

#04 – coming soon

ATP Science Dynamic range to force change

Alpha Mars – increases hormonal load

Alpha Venus – reduces estrogen: progesterone ratio

Alpha Prime – reduces estrogen: testosterone ratio

T432 Plus – maximises thyroid hormone activity and insulin sensitivity

Cort RX – adaptogen that reduces the severity of stress and triggers and the stress response.

AMP-V – PPAR receptor modifier for fat loss and performance

Subcut – transdermal subcutaneous fat mobiliser

Block E3 – transdermal estrogen blocker

Prototype8 – transdermal vasodilator and SERM

Capzea – topical pain relief liniment


Noway Protein – hydrolysed collagen with bioactive peptides for muscle growth and fat loss.


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