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HYDRA8 BCAA is the most efficaciously dosed BCAA Energy supplement providing you with amino acids and an energy complex that will keep you performing your best during your workouts.




Not only does HYDRA8 BCAA include BCAA’s, but it also contains other effective ingredients to aid your workouts:


8g of BCAA’s: While most BCAA formulas include BCAA’s, many give you just 5 grams. HYDRA8 BCAA includes 8 grams of all the branch chained amino acids at the scientifically validated 2:1:1 ratio.


4g L-Leucine: Leucine is the most talked about amino acid for muscle growth and for good reason. Leucine is responsible for activating mTOR and stimulating muscle protein synthesis.


125mg of TeaCrine: Rather than just adding caffeine and calling it an “energy” amino acid formula, HYDRA8 BCAA uses the novel stimulant, TeaCrine. TeaCrine is a non-habitual compound that helps increase energy and mood. The fact that it’s non-habit forming means you won’t build up a tolerance!


3g of L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is one of the most well-known recovery inducing amino acids and helps reduce muscle soreness both during and after your intense workouts.



710mg of Electrolytes: Electrolytes and Hydration is a critical aspect of training that is often overlooked. HYDRA8 includes over 700 milligrams of electrolytes that will help you replenish what’s lost in sweat - all without the ridiculous amounts of sugar that other popular sports drinks contain.


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