MATAKANA Coconut Water Powder 100g

Matakana Superfoods
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Category Certified organic
Ingredients 100% pure coconut sugar
Size 100g

Matakana Superfoods' Coconut Water Powder is certified organic and is as pure as it gets. This 100g pack of freeze dried coconut water powder contains the equivalent to the water of 10 young coconuts.

Coconut water comes from the young green coconut and contains all the vitamins, minerals and growth factors necessary to ensure the development of the coconut. By coincidence, the make-up of coconut water is nearly perfect for our own rehydration - particularly after strenuous exercise or during air travel.

While not technically making it into the Superfood ranks, coconut water does have some advantages over other sports drinks. It is totally natural and is not loaded with sweeteners, preservatives or coloring. Its celebrity status has come from its low calorie, fresh and pure properties.

While freeze-drying is the most expensive drying process, it does deliver a product of superior quality, and when reconstituted in a glass of water delivers all the goodness, freshness and flavor of a freshly harvested coconut. 10g of freeze dried coconut water powder rehydrates exactly to 250ml (standard glass of water).

This 100g pouch will make 10 coconut water drinks.

  • Superior natural rehydration
  • Electrolyte replacement
  • Cost effective, low carbon footprint delivery
  • Convenient for air travel rehydration

Matakana Superfoods is a New Zealand based group specialising in sourcing superfoods from all around the globe. Matakana is driven to source new foods which contain unique qualities and super-nutrients that support health and wellbeing. Importantly, they strive to bring bring consumers the highest quality, natural health foods in the most sustainable way, to benefit all involved – from the indigenous farmer to the consumer.


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