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Whether you are training in the morning, midday or night time, you still want that competitive edge regardless of the time of day. Pumped Edge is designed to help push you past your physical limits, providing intense pumps, added strength and increased performance.

No Stimulants

Maximum Pump

Increased Strength

Using patented pump technology, amino acids for strength and key ingredients to support blood vessel health, Pumped Edge is not only a performance product for the gym but for any exercise that needs nutrient delivery support or toxic waste removal.

Experience the power of Pumped and get the EDGE you’re looking for!


Core Ingredients


Muscle Support Matrix

Combining 3 forms of Creatine, the Muscle Support Matrix offers a clinical dose of 3g of Creatine in easily absorbable forms to maximise uptake and water solubility. Consuming Creatine has been shown to increase intramuscular phosphocreatine levels with statistical significance and will cause an increase in muscular strength and power in over 90% of users.


Glycero Pump Complex

The Glycero Pump Complex works on 2 major fundamentals of achieving maximum pumps.


Velox offers a patented performance blend of Arginine and Citrulline, designed to increase Arginine levels within the body, which acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide production and consequently increased blood flow via vessel (arteries) vasodilation (opening).


Secondary to increased blood flow via vasodilation, the Glycero Pump Complex focuses heavily on maximising hydration via the use of glycerol, which is highly water retentive within the cell, as well as adding an appropriate electrolyte balance to support the intra and extra cellular pumps responsible for performance and hydration.


Final Thoughts


Maximising performance with additional nutrient delivery and toxic waste removal has never been so easy. Use Pumped Edge on its own or stack it with No Xplode and really feel the intensity!


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