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R1 Casein by Rule 1 Proteins - Overnight Micellar Casein!


R1 Caein by Rule 1 Proteins is an overnight muscle-building powerhouse. Now stocked at SBG SUPPLIES, R1 Casein is a slow-release protein which works well over periods of fasting – like sleep – where we can’t actively consume food in order to recover. In addition to a quality protein source, R1 Casein is naturally rich in BCAAs which help to boost metabolism and recovery.


Key Features:

Slow release casein protein

Build and maintain muscle

Burn fat as you sleep

Assists with a calmer, deeper sleep


Our Thoughts:

R1 Casein by Rule 1 Proteins is an overnight protein which feeds your muscles while you sleep. Packed with 25g of protein per serving, this casein formula provides 7-8 hours worth of continual absorption so that your body stays in a state of anabolism. Being naturally rich in BCAAs, R1 Casein is an excellent choice for those looking to add an overnight protein into their nutrition stack.




SBG SUPPLIES recommends that you consume 1 serve before bed. Always read the label and consult with your doctor if you are unsure.


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